Flash Tutorial

Any tutorial related to Flash will be posted here. So far I have a basic comparison video between the Pop up Flash and Bounce Flash aka (Speed light) 

As I do more Flash Tutorials using just a bounce flash (Speed light), Umbrellas, Soft Boxes,  I will post those videos in this section. Join me on Facebook if you have any special request. We will first cover the basic use of the bounce flash and later get into Strobist Tutorials.

Below is a video that compares  your camera's built in Pop Up flash vs your speed light aka bounce flash.

Below is a video on basic Speed Light (Bounce Flash) tutorial. Even if you currently don't own one, still watch the video as you'll learn something new. There is a cool trick towards the end of the video using a big white envelope.

An inexpensive flash for people on a tight budget.


How to shoot in Manual Flash and Camera Manual Mode?

Below is a video that will teach you how to keep the same exposure on your subject using flash but change the depth of field for more sharpness or group shots. 

Quick Flash Photography Tip for people using Omni Dome Diffuser.

How to control the ambient light when using a flash or speed light?  

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