Quick Shots - All Episodes

Quick Shots is a brand new segment I introduced a few weeks back. In this segment I am going to photograph anything I find interesting. The videos can range between 2 and 10 minutes. The goal is to photograph whatever that is in front of us. Sometimes you end up with a great shot and sometimes you don't.  

Below is the 1st episode of Quick Shots. This was shot on Brooklyn Bridge. You can fast forward the video to 1:45 if you don't want to hear the intro. 

Some shots from my last trip to London where I photographed the Tower Bridge, The London Eye, Houses of Parliament.

Some shots of the Big Ben in London

Below is the video shot at Princeton University, New Jersey 

Below is the episode shot at some random cemetery in New Jersey. This is one of the most popular QS video.

Last video from my London trip. Random shots taken at various places.

Below is a video I shot for my Geology class. It's not an official quick shot video but you'll like the pictures in this. Beach sweep at Lawrence Harbor, NJ

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