Portrait Tutorial

Please, watch the Aperture video if you haven't already. Then watch the Portrait videos as it would make more sense. 

Here I'll post all the videos related to Portrait photography, whether it's related to Kids, Weddings, Fashion etc. As I make more videos on portraits, I'll place them here.

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A very fun shoot doing family portrait. You'll like the pictures and see what goes on behind the scene in a real shoot. Very casual and anyone can take these pictures. Click on the video below.

Some people think photographing newborns is complicated when it's not. You'll see in this video how simple it is. All you have to do it get a prime lens, a speed light (if natural light is not enough) and position the baby. It's important you photograph the baby with in 14 days of their birth when they're very flexible. 

This shoot was completely unplanned. I am photographing my cousin Danny's daughter in this. 

NOTE: There is another video where I demonstrate how to edit newborn baby pictures. Make sure to watch that as well.

Another fun shoot. You'll find 3 different shoots in one video here. I ended up doing 2 family portraits and an engagement session at the same location that day.  

Important Tips on Group Shots

Last shoot of the fall 2011. This shoot was the best. I did not know the client was already watching my tutorials on YouTube. She asked her husband to schedule a family portrait as a Christmas gift and she also wanted to meet me. It was a super fun day.

Indoor Natural Light Portrait Tutorial 

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